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HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury - Feb 2014

Dear Friends,

We have a couple of events coming up in February for which I hope you will be able to join.   

Firstly on Tuesday 18th February we have arranged tickets for Burton Operatics performance of HMS Pinafore & Trial by Jury.   Tickets are £12 in the raised section at the back of the hall and £10 for those unable to make the steps.    The second is on Friday 21st February and is another of our famous Soup & Pudding evenings with Bob and Pol Wood showing us films of Tutbury events.    This will be great entertainment and not to be missed!

Please complete the booking forms and return to me by the dates shown.  Both events start at 7.30 pm and the venue is shown on the form (usual places!).   Please make cheques payable to Friends of St Mary’s.

Kind regards,

Jann Harrison (Secretary)

Friends of St. Mary’s