Tutbury Priory Church - dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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On Palm Sunday – 29th March 2015 – Harry the donkey will again lead the walk around the village of Tutbury, East Staffordshire.

Following the 10am Church Service, the walkers will stop at several places of worship in the village, both past and present – leaving at approximately 11.30am – and arriving back at St Mary’s Priory Suite in the Church for refreshments.

Harry will lead the procession down to Monk Street and then to Wakefield Avenue to St Christopher’s RC Church.

Heading for the High Street Harry will lead us down to the Wesleyan Chapel (now the antique shop) then to Corn Mill Lane to what was the Primitive Methodist Chapel (the Ranters)

Retracing his steps, Harry will head up Monk Street to the Congregational Church.   

For the final stretch, Harry will take the procession back up to St Mary’s; those who are still with Harry will be able to enjoy light refreshments in the Priory Suite (including a sit down!).

For those who do not know Tutbury, St Mary’s Priory Church celebrated its 925th anniversary last year, having been consecrated on 15th August 1089.  This is known as Tutbury Day and is still celebrated every year!

The Church, originally built as a Priory by the Benedictine monks, was then at least double its current size, doubling as a Parish Church. In 1538 the Priory was surrendered to the Crown during Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries.  It is in the Duchy of Lancaster, which is held in trust for the Sovereign.  The Royal Coat of Arms of Her Majesty the Queen hangs over the west door.

It is 350 years older than the Castle remains and the oldest usable building in Staffordshire!  Its West door is a superb example of Norman architecture.

Tutbury is listed in Simon Jenkins’ “England’s 1,000 Best Churches”.

Palm Sunday - 29 March 2015