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Tutbury Priory Church - dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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News - April-June 2014

Observe Holy Week and Celebrate Easter

5th April 2014: Holy Week and Easter service times have been announced and can be found here.

Open Gardens 2014

A new webpage about Open Gardens 2014 has been added - it can be found here - come and join us on the weekend of 28th - 29th June for a lovely weekend.

“New” old picture of St. Mary’s

We have “found” a picture of Tutbury St. Mary’s from pre 1920 - can anyone identify when it was taken?  See it here and let us know if you can add any information about it - contact us here

Palm Sunday Walk - The Pictures!

A few photos of the Palm Sunday Walk have been posted here - have a look at the star of the show - Harry!

Can You Help Us in Any Way

Churchyard Maintenance - An Appeal to ALL Parishioners

You may know that in previous years we have had the help of volunteers from Sudbury to work in the churchyard but this service is not available at present.

The result of their absence is all too evident and something must be done urgently, so that everything that has been achieved in the last few years will have not been completely wasted.

Until we are able to find alternative labour, it is proposed to try to tackle the grass ourselves and therefore we are appealing for volunteers to come along on Monday 2nd June at 2.00 p.m. (and on a few following Mondays) if you are able, to start to cut down the grass.

It will be impossible to use mowers until strimmers, scythes etc. have got some of the growth down.   If you have a powered strimmer and are willing to bring it along with you, this would be great.    

If you are unable to come along on Monday but would be willing to help with the churchyard, please have a word with Roger on 01283 730820 or email roger@tutburystmarys.org.uk.

This notice has been distributed to church members but we are appealing for extra help from anyone who can help -  so do come along if you are able - many hands make light work.

Thank you for taking time to read this and we hope you feel able to lend a hand.

June 15th - Sgt Bull Service

At the service on Sunday June 15th we will be joined by visitors from Gavere, Belgium who have come over to remember Sgt Charles William Bull of Tutbury who was killed 70 years ago this year, on the 7th September 1944 defending the bridge over the river Scheldt at Gavere.

He was killed commanding a troop of tanks from the Royal Tank Regiment defending the bridge against a German advance.  He is buried in the village of Gavere and the new bridge over the river Scheldt is named after him - the people of Gavere honour his memory every year on the anniversary of his death.

There will be a short service of Remembrance for Sgt. Bull at the War Memorial after the 10:00 service.  Sgt Bull’s story can be read here.