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About the Mothers’ Union

The national Mothers’ Union website can be found at www.mothersunion.org.

Reaching out in love and service

Mothers' Union is an international Christian membership charity that aims to demonstrate the Christian faith in action through the transformation of communities worldwide.

We are working with people of all faiths and none in 83 countries to promote stable marriage, family life and the protection of children through praying, enabling and campaigning.

Our aims and objectives are:

Our vision

Our vision is of a world where God’s love is shown through loving, respectful and flourishing relationships. This is not a vague hope, but a goal we actively pursue by praying, campaigning and enabling. Discover how in Our Focus.

Our values

Mothers’ Union is a Christian mission organisation working with people of all faiths and none. Mothers’ Union is firmly rooted in a voluntary ethos centred on mutual respect and collaboration. Our governance, leadership and programmes are undertaken and driven by members within their own communities worldwide.

Our membership

Our members are not all mothers, or even all women. They are single, married, parents, grandparents, or young adults just beginning to express their social conscience. Mothers' Union provides, for all four million members, a network through which they can serve Christ in their own community - through prayer, financial support and actively working at the grassroots level in programmes that meet local needs.

Mothers’ Union

Tutbury Mothers’ Union

Tutbury Mothers’ Union usually meets once a month on a Wednesday at 2:30 pm in the Priory Suite of St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury - visitors are always welcome.  

The full programme for 2016 can be found below.

For more information please contact

Valerie Sneyd - Enrolment Leader - 01283 81 40 01 - email

Sue Norris - Treasurer - 01283 81 57 84

Chris Hepburn - Secretary - 01283 81 42 58

More information about the Mothers Union can be found here


Wednesday 20th January 2016 - Tutbury Mothers' Union AGM at 2.30 in the Priory Room. A warm welcome to new members and those transferred from other branches. John Sneyd will organise a Quiz.

Wednesday 17th February 2016 - At 2.30 in the Priory Room Revd Pip Short will talk about "Being a Chaplain in an Acute Hospital."

Friday 4th March 2016 - The Women's World Day of Prayer Service – prepared by the Christian women of Cuba - will be held in St Mary's church at 2.00.

Wednesday 16th March 2016 - At 2.30 in the Priory Room Sue Gotch will talk about "New Zealand."

Thursday 21st April 2016- MU Lunch at the Castle Hotel Hatton 11.30 for 12.00.

Wednesday 18th May 2016 - At 2.30 in St Mary's Church Paul Newsham will talk about "Six Great Fictional Detectives.,'

Wednesday 20th July 2016 - Mr and Mrs Bowley will talk about "Away from it All" – (Buckets of Love) in the priory Room at 2.30. noon.

Wednesday 17th August 2016 - MU Lunch at Sudbury prison at 12.00

Wednesday 21st September 2016 - At 2.30 in the Priory Room Debra Tudor will talk about "Women in prison.”

Wednesday 19th October 2016 - John Sneyd will talk about "Pottery Decoration" at 2.30 in the Priory Room.

Wednesday 16th November 2016 - at 2.30 in the Priory Room Terry Hickman will talk about his life.

Wednesday 7th December 2016 - MU Carol Service in St Mary's Church at 2.30.

Thursday 15 December 2016 MU Christmas Lunch.

Everyone is welcome to come to our events. For more information, contact

Valerie Sneyd 01283 814001.