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Tutbury Priory Church - dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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The “disused” rubbish dump at the eastern end of the main path has now been converted into a flower bed - a much better use for that patch of land and a lovely addition to the Churchyard..  

The skip at the castle end of the Churchyard is available to be used for rubbish - but it costs the Church £90 each time it has to be emptied - if you can take your rubbish home, please do - it saves the Church money.

SA an exapmple of what can go wrong with people being thoughtless, the incinerator behind the church that was used once by the volunteers became a new rubbish dump (see below)!

We have emptied it, tidied the space up and put the incinerator to one side - we hope this will stop people dumping stuff.

Click on any images below to see a larger pictures - if you can help in the churchyard at any time, in whatever capacity, please contact volunteer@tutburystmarys.org.uk

Churchyard Rubbish