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Tutbury Priory Church - dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Everyone is welcome to have their children christened in their parish church.

During the Christening service your baby will be baptized. There are around 10,000 babies and children baptized in the Church of England every month. We also welcome adults who want to be baptized.

Your child is precious to you and precious to God. At Baptism you make a decision to start your child on a journey of faith. The church and the godparents support the family and the child in this decision.

To enquire or to arrange a baptism or to ask about Confirmation contact the Verger

Read more about Christenings at Church of England Baptisms  


Ted and Oscar’s Christenings

The following note and pictures were received from Emily and Alan Christie & Ted (click on pictures for a larger image)

Dear Reverend Whitehead,

We would like to thank you for the lovely service on Sunday for Ted and Oscar's Christenings.  The day was so special to both families and we really enjoyed the day.  I can't tell you how many lovely comments we had about the church but more importantly about you as the vicar!

Your relaxed and welcoming approach makes everyone feel at ease and the way you engage with the congregation is fantastic.  Everyone felt part of the service and most said it was the nicest christening they had been to! (The younger ones also said you are the coolest vicar they've ever met!).

So thank you very much for making this special event even more memorable.

Emily and Alan Christie & Ted