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ART in the Aisles

This page last updated 14 April 2017

ART in the Aisles - St. Mary’s Priory Church, Tutbury

Dear Artist  

This art event will take place from September 12th – 20th 2015 in St Mary's Priory Church, Tutbury. It is hoped that artists from the ART group of churches (Anslow, Rolleston and Tutbury) will enjoy showing their work alongside other artists from the surrounding area.

We are hoping for a range of mediums (such as stitch-craft, painting and drawing) to show off the creative skills of local people. Entry to church visitors will be free of charge.  

If YOU would like to show or sell your pictures at the above exhibition, there are a few guidelines for you to ensure a successful event and security for your work:  

The church will be manned continually when unlocked over the 4 weekend days and one or two weekdays.  

For more information contact

Jane Nuth – 01283 810 166 – jane@nuth.me.uk.

Entry forms can be found here